The Market is Global !
The internationality of applicants has emerged as one of the most important factors for good jobs and studies abroad. It is expected of applicants not only that they can express themselves faultlessly in English language but also the knowledge of another foreign language is considered an important additional advantage.

Your Application Must Convince !
The fact that you can speak or express yourself in a certain language, for example English, is normally not   sufficient. You will need to convince the prospective employer, that you have a command over the language and that you can deal with foreign and local customers or suppliers properly. Your proficiency in the relevant language  must  be at least equal to if not above that of your competitors.

Admission /Visa Requirement  !
Most foreign universities will require certified competence in the relevant language for admission purpose.  Also embassies of many countries insist on certified proficiency in the relevant language before a study or immigration visa can be issued.

Become a Better Person  !
Language is not the only thing you learn in a language course. The pleasant learning environment, getting to know foreign cultures and group discussions  promote better cultural and social interaction. The students automatically develop more self-confidence and learn to express themselves more effectively, which has  a deep rooted positive impact on their personality.


As the oldest German language school in Lahore and long-standing partner of Goethe-Zentrum Lahore, the IML has a long tradition of teaching German language from basic to advanced levels at our own campus as well as at various colleges and universities in Lahore. There are number of good reasons to learn German language:

Largest language in Europe
German is spoken by more than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and in parts of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France. German is a key business language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe.

Business Language

A key business language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe, knowledge of German is a big advantage in business, as negotiations in a third language can easily lead to misunderstandings with costly consequences.

Cultural and Literary Language

German is one of the most important cultural languages. It was spoken and written by Goethe, Mozart, Einstein and numerous other great artists and scientists. Anyone interested in literature cannot avoid German. Over 60,000 new books are published in Germany each year, equivalent to 18% of books published world-wide. ·

Opportunities on the job market 

Knowledge of German improves your chances on the job market. Many German companies abroad, many foreign companies in Germany and companies with close business connections with the German speaking countries all look to recruit workers with language qualifications. ·

Study Opportunities in Germany
With more than 380 universities and higher education institutions, German Universities are well known for the outstanding choices of courses that are internationally recognized and offered in English or German as medium of instruction. ·

Groom your Personality
A knowledge of foreign languages always broadens both your intellectual and professional horizons. Those who learn German gain access to an important intellectual, economic and culturally historic area of Central Europe.


GERMAN  Basic Level (A-1) 8 weeks
Basic Level (A-2) 8 weeks
Middle Level (B-1) 10 weeks
Middle Level (B-2) 10 weeks
Advanced Level (C-1) 10 weeks
Advanced Level (C-2) 10 weeks

                                         and now also offering                                                                                                A-1 ONLINE-COURSE
                                           through SKYPE / WHATSAPP.

ENGLISH  Spoken English (Adults) 6 weeks
Spoken English (Kids) 6 weeks
IELTS – Preparation 6 weeks
FRENCH    Basic Course  Individual Course
SPANISH   Basic Course  Individual Course
RUSSIAN     Basic Course Individual Course
CHINESE     Basic Course Individual Course
ITALIAN     Basic Course Individual Course

Note:    The courses A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2 correspond to the European Framework of                     Reference for Languages.


The basic level intensive courses are designed by experienced foreign qualified teaching staff to enable the students to acquire the following basic language skills:

ORAL COMMUNICATION Dealing with topics of day to day situations involving a simple conversation.

WRITTEN EXPRESSION Ability to write short notes and informal letters.

LISTENING COMPREHENSION T o follow the language dealing with topics of general interest .

READING COMPREHENSION To follow written German dealing with topics of general interest.

VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Progressive introduction to about 800 words of essential vocabulary and structures .