Having a problem in your business dealings in Germany, Holland, Austria, UK and the USA ? Are you looking for suppliers or customers in Europe and do not know how and where to start ? Do you want to establish a branch office of your company in Europe? Then come to us and more probably than not, we will be able to help you. Our business advisory section is handled personally by our CEO, Mr. Aamir Rafique, who can look upon his extensive experience of education and work as a management consultant in Germany.

The services for business clients include: ·

Company formation in Europe
Be permanently present in Europe by opening a branch of your company. We offer attractive package for Pakistani companies interested in opening branch offices in Europe. Our services include company formation and registration, bank account opening, official permissions, visa applications for employees of the new company, as well as business support for the first year of business.  ·

Export marketing support

We provide export solutions tailored to your specific product by locating and addressing prospective importers of your products, carrying out market surveys, arranging participation in exhibitions and seminars, opening of branch offices, warehousing support, etc.   ·

Import marketing support

Are you looking for specific new or second-hand machinery or product in Europe? We can assist in locating the cheapest source and making the first introduction to the suppliers in Europe. We also assist in locating complete manufacturing plants by keeping a watch on company liquidations and closures as well as participation in auctions.   ·

Dispute resolution
Are you involved in a dispute with companies or authorities in Europe?  We can help you by giving best advice in order to minimize your loss. We also help in matters involving court proceedings, insurance claims, complaints of all sorts and realization of export proceeds.