IML has over 10 years of experience in translations and interpretation services in German, French and other major European languages. Commitment to client satisfaction, an eye for detail, stringent quality checks and timely delivery are the hallmarks of our translation and interpretation activity.   

We are registered as authorized translators for a number of European embassies and consulates in Pakistan. All translations done by us are certified and carry a seal of authenticity.   

Our range of translation services include:   

Educational documents
 e.g. Degrees, Certificates, Transcripts, etc.   
Legal documents e.g.  Police certificates, Court proceedings, Judgments, etc.   
Technical documents e.g.  Instruction manuals, Installation manuals, Circuit diagrams, etc.   
Medical documents e.g.  Medical reports, Operation reports, Medical insurance claims, etc.   
Visa documents e.g.  Visa forms, Embassy correspondence, Appeals, etc.   
Business documents e.g.  Contracts, Company formations, Leaflets and Advertisements, etc.   
Literature and Books e.g.  Newspaper articles, Brochures, etc.   
Website translation e.g.  Development of Multi-lingual Websites, etc.   
Interpreter services e.g.  for Business, Technical or Legal meetings and conferences, etc.