Korean Language


Learning Korean connects you to 75 million people worldwide. Korea is a highly developed country that offers a lot of opportunities for study at Korean universities as well as well-paid jobs in Korean companies. It is home to world renowned companies like Samsung, KIA, Hyundai etc. Government of Korea has signed an agreement with the Government of Pakistan through ‘Overseas Employment Corporation’ to recruit thousands of skilled and unskilled workers from Pakistan. With the E9 work visa, you can work in South Korea for about 5 years with possibility to apply once again for the same visa.

Our Korean course is taught in two parts in about 4 months. We prepare the students for the TOPIK-1 and TOPIK-2 tests according to requirement of Korean government.

Our teachers emphasize individual attention to the students. Classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere and characterized by:

  • Experienced professional teachers

  • Modern air-conditioned class rooms

  • Audio – Video Training Sessions

  • Picture Vocabulary for better understanding

  • On-campus as well as online courses are available

  • Free Guidance even after completion of course